Opportunity After 12th- Under Graduation in USA And UK

Opportunity After 12th- Under Graduation in USA And UK


Under Graduation in USA: Are Foreign Students Going to Face More Financial Hurdles?

It’s a common sight here in the United States of America that students from all walks of life, minors included, graduate from high school and enter college or university in the USA. With few exceptions, there is not a single Asian American under graduation in the USA in any given year. The sad reality is, this is not some unique statistic but rather an accurate reflection of the lack of quality, affordable post-secondary education for Asian Americans.

What Barriers Can Face Asian Students In United States For UG Program

As more Asian American families move to the United States of America from overseas, these communities face many barriers to accessing post-secondary education and are subject to the humiliating and sometimes violent verbal and physical attacks by white men who feel they have the right to dominate Asian American communities. These attacks occur at the worst times, as the victims are most vulnerable – during school commencement, at a job interview, or as adults at their first workplace.

under graduation in usa

What can be done to curb this destructive cycle? Many colleges and universities in the USA now offer unique programs that allow an Asian American student to complete his or her degree even while living and working in another country, as is the case with the Bachelor of Science Degree program from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH.

Rise Of Asian Students In United States For UG Program

In 2021, the number of Asian American students pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree from a North American university rose to nearly 18%, up from just 4% ten years earlier.

In the face of such examples, what can we as Americans do to assure that our colleges, universities, and colleges anywhere in the world will offer quality, accessible post-secondary educational opportunities to Asian American students in the future?

One answer lies in the creation and fostering of more Master’s degree programs – particularly in science, engineering, technology, and math (also referred to as MSE) areas. There are currently approximately six to seven programs in the USA that offer degrees in science, engineering, and math (MSE).

By increasing the number and diversity of these degree programs, we can ensure that the United States remains a competitive nation in the world. And in doing so, we can provide our Asian American brothers and sisters access to higher education at a price they can afford in a relatively short time after graduation.

Combined UG and PG Program Offered In United States

At present, there are currently about 13 schools in the entire country that offer a combined 14 different Master’s degree programs. Two of the schools – the University of Michigan located in Ann Arbor, and Colorado Technical Institute in Denver – have long been regarded as some of the nation’s top schools for scientific and technology studies.

These schools enroll about a quarter of the total number of science and technology students nationwide. And with a wealth of experience in helping students obtain federal and state financial aid for college, these two schools are well positioned to help students graduate in the nation as planned.

However, even with these federal resources at their disposal, it is apparent that the number of students graduating from U.S. colleges with Asian American backgrounds continues to lag far behind other countries.

This gap in educational achievement is not without cause. The U.S. average GMAT score for Asian American students is less than half of that of whites, and the average iELTS score for Asians is well below that of whites.

While we pride ourselves on having an exceptionally strong English language academic culture, which is a result of our decades-long post-war period experience, this academic culture continues to be an enormous barrier to entry into the most competitive of colleges and universities here in the United States.

This is why so many Asian American students continue to delay their matriculation, or even give up and go elsewhere to pursue the degree they so desire.

But while the numbers don’t lie, they do tell the tale of a country in transition. In the U.S., where a bachelor’s degree is the norm for entry into most professional and higher-level jobs, it is no surprise that so many Asian American men and women continue to delay matriculation and pursue a more practical career instead.

For most of us, an academic setting offers a sense of accomplishment and permanency, a sense that a bachelor’s degree will open doors we may never have dreamed of opening. The thought of spending four years earning a degree at a university thousands of miles away from home may seem daunting, especially when compared to the many years most students spend in college dorms.

Asian Students In UK

Opportunity For Asian Students In UK

It is in this context that the United Kingdom’s post-secondary education system becomes an attractive alternative for many potential students and their families. A recent study by The University of London’s Institute of Education found that graduates of an English university have the highest employment rate of all Asian Americans, at close to 50%.

Further, the UK’s National Health Service is one of the most highly rated institutions in the world, making it a stellar choice for the ideal student.

UK’s University System

Further, the graduate from the UK’s university system enjoys access to the most expansive professional networks in the world. In short, a United Kingdom graduate college makes an excellent choice for a first-time student planning to enter the business world, or for a family man looking to take a break and find meaningful employment with benefits.

Difference Of United Kingdom And United States Education System

However, the United States does not enjoy the same advantages as the UK for international students pursuing degrees in the country. In recent years, the US academic industry has seen drastic budget cuts across all levels, and the country’s once-revered post-secondary educational system.

The Johns Hopkins University and Harvard University, have closed down. With less international tuition available to foreign students, and less high-quality post-secondary programs available to Americans, the American dream of earning an MBA through an accredited university may be in jeopardy.

Requirements For Admission In University of UK

Requirements for admission in the university of USA may vary depending upon the specific university. Normally a Bachelor’s degree is required to apply for admission in UK for undergraduate degree programs and Master’s degree program in UK for professional degrees.

You may be required to submit a well-done application if you have not earned any bachelor’s degree or any course work yet. In the case of a Masters Degree program, a Master’s degree is required along with at least three years of cleared study. Undergraduate degree candidates should prepare well for their TOEFL and GMAT.

Different Types of Programs Available in UK

There are different types of programs available in UK. Most common is the two-year program which is designed to offer full-time education to those who are interested in pursuing higher studies in this field.

This program can be very demanding and some students may have to spend more than four years in school. Full-time study requires a large investment and as a result, it may not be possible for many people to pursue such a program.

Entrance Examinations For UK

There are also a number of entrance examinations such as TOEFL, GMAT, and others which are generally taken by all prospective students who want to get admission in the university of UK. Foreign students applying for a degree can also appear for English language proficiency examination that is a requirement for entrance in university of uk.

For both these examinations a good score is required. For admission in the school of medicine in UK, there is another set of entrance examination, written examination and admission interview. Again a good score is required. Other than this, there are many other requirements for admission in the university of uk.

Advise For For Admitted Students In University Of UK

For admitted students, first-time experience in college is very important. As a result, those students who have had some college experience will find it easier to get admission into UK medical college. Students having experience in working in the field of medicine can gain employment as clinical research analyst or pharmacy technician in hospitals.

After having gained relevant work experience, students may go for electives such as Psychology, Biochemistry, or biology.

Other than this, first-year students also need to submit personal essays, which should be written according to the specific requirements of the admission procedure. For students having high scores, there is an MCITP exam, which is also compulsory for all the admitted students. Admission in University of London is also quite strict and competitive.

This is because the University provides excellent facilities and support to those candidates, who score high marks.

Those students, who do not possess good academic results and who want to go for a higher degree can opt for the bachelor’s program, which offers a slightly better scope of study and specialized course. Bachelor’s degrees are generally short in duration and hence can be finished within a year.

Apart from this, there are many other options, which can help you in achieving your goal. Engineering and medical departments offer various types of programs, which can help you gain admission. However, in case of business and law, pre-bachelor degrees are the best options.

University of Wales

University of Wales – Cardiff has one of the best prerequisites for admission in UK. The University has a good reputation and is also considered to be one of the top education institutions in Wales. This university also offers various courses and does not require any special requirements. Preference is given to those candidates, who have completed their MA degrees from colleges and universities of their choice.

Other important requirements for admission in University of Wales include strong scores in the TOEFL, English, Math, and Science. The presence of a high grade point average in these subjects indicates your potential for success in the program.

Your English proficiency is also a prerequisite requirement of the admission process. Any course you are pursuing can help you in achieving desirable results. Hence, all the courses in your curriculum could help you gain desirable results.

Under Graduation In United States

So you are a student who is still in United States and you are under graduation in United States. There are a lot of things to consider and do before landing in a good university. One is choosing the right graduate school.

There are many universities available in United States and it can be very confusing to choose the right graduate school that would suit you. It is important for prospective students to check if the university is accredited and offers the courses they are looking for.

Some people would also want to check if the program they are considering can accommodate their schedule or what kind of work experience they can expect upon graduation.

under graduation in united states










Students who have under graduation in United States can look forward to a number of career opportunities after graduation. The choices are limitless and the best way to discover the right graduate program for you is to research on programs and universities.

Once you have chosen the school you would like to go to, it is time to take a careful look at the curriculum and if the program is suited to your interests. You can also inquire from the university about internship programs that are available and what the requirements are so you can apply right away.

Graduate schools offer students a lot of options. They can either pursue higher studies or acquire business degrees. They can opt to stay on as a student to complete their graduate degree or pursue employment right away.

In case students are under graduation in United States but are interested in starting their careers right away, then the graduate school can provide them with internship programs that can help them land an entry-level position.

If you are under graduation in United States and you want to get into an advanced graduate program, then you should start looking for scholarships that are offered by graduate schools. Scholarships are offered by both government and private organizations.

It is important for students to search hard for scholarships because those who qualify for the scholarship usually have better financial aid. Once you have identified the scholarships you are eligible for, submit your application to the institution or organization that offers the scholarship so you can be informed of the opportunities.

There are many organizations and institutions that offer graduate programs in United States. Many of these programs are part of universities or any other accredited educational facilities.

To find out more about the graduate school offering the program that you want to join, you can contact the school’s career center or search on the Internet. You can also inquire from former students and find out how their experience was during their graduate studies.

You can choose from several options when searching for a graduate school to enroll. Most graduate schools require you to complete a program on campus before you can apply for admission.

You can find out the details about the program that you are interested in applying for by contacting the admission office of the school. You should also consider your prospective school’s program on placement after graduation because some employers prefer graduates who have already completed a program. Your search is made easy once you know what type of program you wish to apply for.

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